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Jaca Book has been an art publisher since 1978, the year in which the first volume (on Lombardy) of a fortunate series dedicated to the Romanesque Style in Italy was published. From that collection on the legacies of an extraordinary artistic season for Italy and Europe, Jaca Book’s art catalog has gradually enriched itself with numerous variegated themes. The attention towards cultural and architectural heritage spread out throughout the Italian territory has always remained fundamental. As proof of this, in the immediate future the publisher will commit itself to confront this theme systematically according to diverse styles and historical horizons.

In the meantime, Jaca Book has nevertheless expanded its areas of interest by building and consolidating an art publishing tradition that includes diverse disciplinary slants and historical-cultural streams: the History of Western European Art (from the Middle ages to Contemporary), Byzantine-Slavic Art and the Christian Eastern worlds, Non-Western expressive forms (India, Africa, Tibet, China...), Modern and Contemporary Architecture, the Civilizations studied by Archeology (with particular reference to the Pre-Colombian world and the Mediterranean); up to the most recent stream of works destined for a large audience and orientated to express, always by means of art and image, phenomena and expressions of popular culture (the Pilgrimages, the Story of the Three Kings, the Nativity, the Iconography of the Saints...)

This art publishing tradition was developed in direct relation with international publishing. Jaca Book works are regularly published in at least two or three foreign languages, by major art publishers from France, Germany, Spain, United States, Mexico... Therefore the international co-edition, in unison with the Italian book market, has always represented the main circulation vehicle of Jaca Book’s art publishing production.

In spite of this international vocation Jaca Book art catalog remains susceptible to the interests of a large number of other interlocutors. Jaca Book offers to banks available and institutions the occasion to have a distinguished product by the solidity of scientific contributions (making use of contributions made by scholars and internationally famed art historians), by a refined editorial work and typographic excellence. All of this, united to a variety of themes and geographic areas covered by the publishing house’s program, contributes to make out of Jaca Book art book a gift of great value and cultural prominence.


In case one of Jaca Book’s collections or themes studied should meet image demands or cultural commitments of a company, it might open itself up to the prospective of a publishing partnership. The company’s involvement in the works or collections can assume different configurations according to its communication needs and by the corresponding commitment spent on the initiative. These are the personalizing of a certain number of copies, special editions and finally the sponsorship of the whole project and consequently the company’s visibility at all levels of book diffusion (beginning with the "public" life that the work has in bookstores and in the national press). All of this can apply to private  companies as well as credit institutions, foundations or corporations.

The international presence of Jaca Book’s publishing product can consent, in certain cases, the production of editions (even limited ones) in foreign languages on projects still in progress. This type of solution, implying a decision with a certain advance on the book’s production time, requires the knowledge of the prospective partner on the publishing house’s future projects. Information on works in progress may be requested, as well as those relating to different subjects studied in depth from Jaca Book’s catalog and also those relating to individual countries and languages.

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