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  The Monumentale Cemetery of Milan  
Autore/i: De Bernardi Carla  - Titoli dello stesso autore
Fumagalli Lalla  - Titoli dello stesso autore
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Sottotitolo: An open-air museum
Guide. New updated edition

Tradotto da: Traduzione di Laura Monastier

Prezzo: Euro 18,00

Argomento: Arte / Fine Arts - World Arts


This Guide to the Monumental Cemetery of Milan is dedicated to visitors,tourists and all those who are eager to discover and be acquainted with the treasures hidden between tree-lined avenues of our open-air museum, one of the most important in Europe. The photographs expressy taken for this guide complement the text which includes historical, artistical and cultural notions; accurate maps and indexes help identify the position of the monuments and mausolea easily.

Enjoy your walk and do not forget that this place is dedicated to the memory of the dead. Please pay your visit with due respect.

Anno di pubblicazione: Maggio 2021

Pagine: 216

Collana: Arte

DisponibilitÓ: Disponibile

ISBN (a 13 cifre): 978-88-16-60649-4